Sharing Your Testimony – part 1

Sharing Your Testimony - part 1

Sermon by Julien L’Hermet.
Part 2

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Where are you in your walk with The Lord?

If you know for sure that you are saved through the assurance of the Holy Spirit, then you should be on fire to share your testimony to the world!

God has given you a story to share, and your story will move others to seek Jesus Christ. But always remember, it is important that your focus be on Jesus because He is the one who saves, in the end, it is His story that we share. No matter what your story is, Jesus is the hero, not you.

We hope that this sermon will encourage you to share your testimony to everyone. If you want to share it with the world, then check out Julien’s ministry called “The Testimony Project” which is a global network that collects testimonies all over the world. Please head over the ministry page for more information.


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