The Universe. Such an indescribable reality beyond our wildest dreams. To this day, we still don’t know exactly how it began but we are all a part of it.

And this raises questions in our mind that may or may never be answered, such as: How did we come into existence? Do we have a special purpose in life? Is there a life after death?

Some of us are absolutely sure that they have the answers to these questions. How are they so sure or what makes them so confident is why we created — The Testimony Project —.

We collect their testimonies for you to watch, as they tell their story, so you can be the judge of their undeniable convictions.

Thank you for watching and may your journey bring you to the path of the Truth.

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This is not a conventionnal project about one person getting all the credit. Rather it is the BODY OF CHRIST acting as such: Spreading the good news, reaching out to the losts and shining the light of Christ. Let's be a family, let's work together in unity for the glory of God!

Julien L'Hermet Founder of The Testimony Project

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Julien L'Hermet

Founder of The Testimony Project

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Julien L'Hermet

Founder of The Testimony Project


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